About Us

Textile technical education goes a long way in preparing generation of youth to face the challenge of time and to build up a happy and prosperous nation. The necessity of its ever increasing demand for up dated specialized education have made our technologies, philosophers, social scientists, educationalists and entrepreneurs think of doing something positive in this regard. There has been a new awareness in the nation to survive with honor and dignity.

Barisal Textile Institute was established in 1980 as a "District Textile Institute" offering 2 year Certificate in Textile Technology course. In 1993-94 The District Textile Institute was again upgraded to Barisal Textile Institute offering 3 year Diploma course in Textile Technology.

In order to meet the challenge of increasing demand of new sophisticated & latest technology the Government of Bangladesh decided to upgrade this institute to B.Sc. Textile Engineering College and offer 4 years Bachelor degree in textile engineering and renamed it to Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College. Latest machineries of different laboratories and Textile related books in our library help the students to acquire knowledge of modern technology worthy.